Inter-Club County Scratch League


The Trophy is the putter that belonged to Miss M Goodliff (County Champion 1937) and presented in 1997 by her niece Daphne Haddock (County Champion 1970, County Captain 1975-76) and the Past Lady Captains


The trophy is awarded to the winners of Division 1 – Current holders Links ‘A’

All matched to be played between 1st April and 30th September 2022


Gog Magog ‘A’ Saffron Walden ‘A’ Gog Magog ‘B’ Ramsey
Links ‘A’ Brampton Park CCC ‘B’ Girton
Ely City CCC ‘A’ Links ‘B’ Saffron Walden ‘B’


Download Scratch League Results Sheet Here


    • The number of divisions will be determined by the number of teams entering each year. Each division will consist of not more than four teams, resulting in a maximum of six matches
    • All singles matches /games played off scratch over 18 holes under normal match play rules
    • A team will consist of three players declared in playing handicap index order, lowest first
    • Matches will be played home and away, with two points for a win or unplayed concession and one point for a half. The winning margin of each individual game must be recorded. No winning margin for a match conceded without being played
    • In the event of a tie at the end of the season, the overall results of the teams concerned when playing each other will decide the result.  If still a tie, the number of points scored against each other, then the winning margins against each other and then their total winning margins will decide. If still no result, the County Competition Secretary will arrange a deciding match on a neutral course
    • Normally, at the end of the season, the winning team in Divisions 2, 3 & 4 will move up a division and the bottom team in Divisions 1, 2 & 3 will move down a division. Note: it may become necessary to vary this condition, depending upon the total number of teams entering in the following year
    • Teams joining the league for the first time, will normally be assigned to the lowest division, but this may vary
    • If an individual club enters two teams, players may only play for one team
    • It is expected that all individual games/matches will be played, and every effort should be made to ensure this. In the event of one or more games in a match potentially being conceded, the situation will be managed as follows:
      • a match will be deemed to be viable if at least 2 games are played; 2 points will be awarded to the opposition for the conceded game
      • a match will be deemed non-viable if only one game can be played (i.e. 2/3 games to be conceded). In this scenario it is expected that: 
      • a change of date should be discussed between the two teams and if, after all reasonable efforts have been made to rearrange the match, no date can be agreed, the County Competition Secretary should be informed
      • If, following further mediation by the County Competition Secretary, no alternative date can be negotiated, the team that concedes the whole match will be removed from the group for that year along with any points from matches already played
      • The trophy is awarded to the winners of Division 1 and medals presented to the winners


Contact & Results to: County Competition Secretary
Joy Billany
165 Christie Drive, Huntingdon, PE29 6JP
Email:  Telephone: 07960 951372