General Interclub Team Matchplay Conditions

We run four interclub competitions each year:

  • Jean Wilkinson Trophy – round robin team match play
  • Grace Norman Trophy – foursomes knock out
  • Scratch League – round robin scratch match play
  • Mary Cole Rose Bowl – stroke play

These competitions are open to all affiliated clubs.

  • For the Mary Cole Rose Bowl, Jean Wilkinson, Grace Norman and Scratch League, each club is sent a form in February asking them to confirm their intention to enter any or all of these competitions (the Mary Cole Rose Bowl is played in the current year and the other three competitions in the following year)
  • Confirmation of entries to be notified no later than the date specified in early May of each year
  • The draw for the Grace Norman and Jean Wilkinson Trophies will be made mid-May of each year and circulated to County Delegates as soon as practicable
  • The new groups for the Scratch League will be circulated as soon as practicable after the results of the competition are known at the end of September each year
  • Entry forms for the Mary Cole Rose Bowl are circulated to County Delegates in June/July of each year to be returned no later than the date specified during mid-August.

CHWGL General interclub team match play competition conditions 2022
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Rules for Caddies February 2022
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General Inter-Club Team Matchplay Conditions

to be read in conjunction with the General Competition


  1. The home team shall offer the away team a minimum of THREE dates for the match to be played, at least one of which shall be a weekend and one a weekday. It is recommended that a reserve day is identified in case inclement weather or other unforeseen circumstances prohibit play on the previously agreed date
  2. Both teams shall be responsible for arranging individual matches in good time
  3. A player can only represent one club in each competition
  4. It is expected that all individual matches shall be played, and every effort should be made to ensure this. The process for managing concessions is detailed in the individual competition conditions. No match may be conceded before the day of play and whole ties may not be conceded, without prior discussion with the County Competitions Secretary
  5. Team captains must exchange their team sheets and playing order prior to commencement of the match. No substitutions are permitted once team sheets have been exchanged
  6. Any player arriving late on the tee may be penalised or disqualified under Rule 5-3
  7. Visitors will have the honour on the first tee, except for the semi-finals and final when there will be a toss for the honour
  8. Each team may appoint one person who may give advice to members of that team. This person must be identified prior to commencement of the match (see Rule 24.4)
  9. Players may shelter in bad weather and leave the course if necessary. If conditions allow, play should resume on the same day from the point of disruption. If resumption is impossible, the results of completed games stand, but incomplete games will be deemed to be halved. Captains together with the Club Professional shall be responsible for the decision to resume or call off play
  10. Only captains have the authority to call players in from a game still being played when the overall match result has been determined
  11. The results sheet must be correctly completed, dated, and clearly signed by both team captains. It is the responsibility of the home team captain to send the results sheet to the County Competition Secretary within 5 working days of the match. It can be sent either by post or electronically as a scanned document
  12. For the semifinals of the Grace Norman and Jean Wilkinson, a team sheet will be sent to the Team Captains for completion and return to the County Competition Secretary at least 2 (two) days prior to the event. NB Amendments can be made on the day in the event of sickness/injury/handicap changes or player withdrawal
  13. Rules advisor(s) will be available for advice and decision making during both the semi-finals and final of the Grace Norman and Jean Wilkinson and in the Mary Cole Rose Bowl
  14. Permission for any player to use a buggy in a match must be obtained from the County Competition Secretary and the opposition team captain informed accordingly, if permission is granted
  15. All relevant General Competition Conditions must be upheld