For Your Information

If you have a question about any of the below, please contact the County Secretary

County Card Scheme

The national County Card Scheme has been put together to enable members of affiliated clubs to play at most other courses in England at reduced green fee rates.  The cost of the card to ladies who are members of a club signed up to the scheme is £3 and this is included in the annual affiliation fee.  Cards are valid from 1 March to 28/29 February of each year.

Not all clubs are signed up to the scheme as some have opted out and others have separate reciprocal arrangements.  In this instance county cards can be purchased on an individual basis at a cost of £15.

The scheme is administered locally by Cambridge Area Golf Limited, who will send the cards to each club as appropriate.

County Trophies

A winning club or individual will be responsible for the safe keeping of a trophy from the time it is presented until it is relinquished.

The holder of the trophy must make arrangements for the trophy to be returned to the County Competitions Secretary in October of each year so that it can be engraved prior to formal presentation at the AGM in November.

Following the AGM, the holder must ensure the trophy is returned in time for presentation at the following year’s competition.


(based on ROSPA  fact sheet)
Players and spectators on the course are responsible for their own actions in such a dangerous situation. When the warning klaxon is sounded to suspend play for a dangerous situation you are advised to:

  • ideally, seek shelter inside a suitable structure building (on-course wooden or metal shelters should be fully enclosed and properly earthed)
  • if there is nowhere safe to shelter, make yourself as small a target as possible by crouching down with your feet together, hands on knees and your head tucked in. This technique keeps as much of you off the ground as possible. Your best protection is to leave your clubs and crouch down in a bunker or a low point on the course
  • avoid sheltering beneath tall or isolated trees, trees
  • be aware of objects that can conduct or attract lightning, for example, golf clubs, umbrellas, wire fencing, rails and overhead cables, headgear with metal in or on it switch off and most certainly do not use a mobile phone unless it is clearly safe to do so.